Write Your Own Destiny - Take Control Right Now

Published: 10th June 2010
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One of the most common phrase which is very widely used is- "This is my destiny". Many people think their life is pre-written and whatever events or circumstances they go through are already planned by some higher power. Remember one simple fact about life-"Circumstances do not make a man they reveal him". Just like this saying circumstances only give you an indication that your life is not in your control. Circumstances are made by the man himself. Events don't just happen they are a direct result of the actions taken by you.

Look into it - You would be truly amazed if you do a little bit of research on the events happening in your life. You would most probably come to discover that they were a direct result of the actions taken by you in the past. Most of us just hate to admit to it but it's a fact and the very first step to take control of your life is to admit to our mistakes and improvise on them.

Stand up tall - Learn to take charge and responsibility of things around you. Learn to stand up tall and take control. Destiny is nothing but a simple result of your actions. There is no bigger power than you yourself. You write your own destiny.

Don't let circumstances drive you - Never let the situations around you drive you or take control in any form. No matter how bad the situation is it can always be controlled. It's always good to look for all possible solutions than just blaming it on your destiny and talking about how bad it is.

Don't seek permission - Most people tend to seek other people's opinions to make their own decisions. No one can live your life for you. No one would tackle with your problems. Therefore don't seek permissions and opinions just do what you feel is right and would be the best for you. Don't let people drive you.

Make your own rules - Life known no rules but we often start following other people's paths and are always to abide by the common norms of the society. If this is your case than you would most probably spend the rest of your life trying to please other people and gaining nothing out of it. Learn to make your own rules and follow your own path. Remember if you do not control your own life than the society will start controlling it for you.

It's funny to witness millions of people out there living a limited life and always blaming their destiny for their own actions. You should wake up right now and smell the roses. It's not as bad as it seems to be. Life can be absolutely beautiful and full of joy and happiness if you perceive it to be that way. So get up right now and start writing your destiny.

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