Why Can't Women Stand Emotional Men? - Are You One Of Them?

Published: 02nd June 2010
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Throughout time men have always been seen as the stronger sex and are known to be the backbone of the family. Men are not known for being emotional and letting their emotions out in public. But with the passing time it's beginning to get into a zone where men do share their emotions publicly and are sometimes can be as emotional as women. But why is it that most women call emotional men as losers and they always end up getting rejected? Read on to discover why women can't stand emotional men and what can be done to improve it.

Women like power- Women are attracted towards power and often like dominant males who know what they want out of life and don't cry when something does not go their way. The times might have changed but women still look at emotional men the same way and don't want to carry the emotional baggage. No woman likes a man who cries about problems and get emotional on every small issue. Women prefer men who know how to take a stand for themselves and are problem solvers not the one's who are problem creators.

Women like fighters- Emotional men are known to give up too early which is something women don't like. Women want men who can fight their way out of any situation rather than just crying over how bad it is. Emotional men tend to discuss their problems way to often and get hurt when they are asked to keep pushing. Remember never ever cry or complain in front of a woman as that very moment she would lose all respect for you no matter what you might do afterwards. But once she has seen this side of you she would never think of you the same way.

Women want security- This is probably one of the major reasons why most women can't stand emotional men. Women want security from their partner but how can an emotional guy provide security and support when he can't even control himself emotionally. Remember mental strength is more important than physical strength when it comes to relationships and getting a family. Commitment is a tough job and if a man is emotional and not good enough to take decisions and stick by them how can he ever satisfy a woman's needs in the present day society? Men have been known to be tough and the one's who actually wear the bigger pants in the family therefore you should know your role and stick to it to the best of your ability. Therefore learn to keep control of yourself and every situation would be under your control automatically.

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