The Secret Personality Traits That Girls Want - Girls Desperately Want You to Have These

Published: 20th May 2010
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You see being attractive to a girl is more than just good looks or a big wallet. But this is something which most men seem to think, they feel that good looks and money are two things which would get them girls. You see it might get you girls but not in the long term. If they are around you than they are their probably for the money or some other advantage they would gain out of you. You see girls demand much more than that and there are several things you must have in order to really attract girls. Read on to discover what these factors and how you can master them...

Learn to be smart- Do you know that women always want to date guys who are smarter than them? Their would rarely be a case where a girl ends up with a guy who is not smarter than her. You see there is a reason for that, women want to stay around men who are smarter and know what they are talking about. They want to be around someone they can feel good with.

You better control your emotions- Now this is something most guys out there have to learn yet only a few has mastered this. You see your emotions are such things which can make it or break it for you at the same time. Getting too emotional or acting needy or desperate would only make you highly unattractive to females therefore learn to control your emotions especially around females.

You should not be looking- Do you know that with women you don't always get what you want from them? Rather you get what you want when you don't even ask for it? You see when you are not really looking it makes you even more attractive to them as now you are someone who might be too hard to get and this is where the game gets interesting.

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