Prime Reasons Why Women Reject Men

Published: 10th June 2010
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Ever been though rejection? It can be one of the worst feeling in the world and trying to figure out why you got rejected is even worse. It's such a feeling that haunts for forever and people find it very hard to recover from it. So what can be the reason for which you got rejected? There can be several reasons but read on to find out the most common reasons for which women reject men-

Personality- Some women only judge a person by the looks and if you are not good looking enough you might have been rejected. But if a woman judges a person by his looks she does not know what she is really missing out on. Always stay away from such women as they do not deserve a person like you.

Wrong approach- Most men approach women in a wrong fashion. There's a certain way a woman should be approached. Some people just casually go up to a female and ask them out directly. Never be direct to a female and don't get straight to point. Always take it slow with casual talk and work your way up.

Wrong timing- It's all about the timing when you ask a woman out. Some people approach females at the wrong time or when she is busy with something else and is most likely to reject you without any reason or without even talking to you.

Desperation- If you sound or seem desperate to the women they would most probably reject you and try to get rid of you as soon as possible. No female prefers needy men and they all want men with power and domination and the one's who can keep them amused for a longer duration of time.

Being a bad talker- You need to be a very good talker to get the woman in your spell. Many people don't know how to use the right words to their advantage and often end up messing up and getting rejected eventually. Learn to be a good talker and also a good listener. Give her time to talk as well and be an active listener by showing interest.

Many people get rejected and never make an effort or try again to ask someone out thinking that they are not good enough. You should remember that if one person thinks you are not good enough the whole world would not think the same way. Learn to explore alternative options and don't give up. There's always a much better person waiting out there for you somewhere.

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