Pushpa Pal Singh


This is Why Women Chase Bad Boys - Here is the Blunt Truth Finally Revealed in Front of Your Eyes

05th May 2010
Well it's often said that nice guys finish last but a lot of females out there would simply disagree with this statement. They always say that they want nice men but why do they always end up chasing the bad ones? You see it might not apply to every girl ... Read >

How to Get a Girl to Chase You Even When She Has Rejected You - Brand New Kick Ass Technique

04th May 2010
Has it ever happened to you that when you are talking to a girl she ends up saying you are just not my type, I not looking for a boy friend right now or maybe I already have a boy friend. You see she would throw these killer comments at you even when she ... Read >

How to Deal With a Woman's Tests - This is an Absolute Must Know For Every Guy Out There

04th May 2010
It is a very well known fact that women do test men no matter what the situation might be. You see their tests would start the very time you date her and would even go on after the relationship. Whether they do it on purpose or subconsciously the fact is ... Read >

How to Know If a Girl Likes You - 3 Mind Blowing Ways to Read Her Mind

04th May 2010
So do you feel a certain girl might have a crush on you? Do you feel that she might secretly fancy you? You see you might have some clues that she is into you but nothing would work unless you are completely sure that she truly likes you. But how can one ... Read >

How to Make Your Ex Beg to Take You Back - Here Are the Tricks That Will Rock You to Your Very Core

04th May 2010
So you have been shown the exit door by your ex but you still want to be with him/her? Are you having a hard time dealing with the pain and have no idea as to what to do under this situation? You see doing a set of things in the right way and at the right... Read >

How to Impress Your Ex Once Again - Your Ex Will Have No Idea Why They Can't Resist You

04th May 2010
So you have broken up but having a hard time moving on? A lot of people feel that a breakup is one situation which is irreversible and nothing much can be done but this is simply not true. There are some keys using which you can easily get your ex to like... Read >

How to Make Girls Chase You - You'll Have an 'Unfair Advantage' Over Every Other Guy Out There

04th May 2010
Do you know that you don't need stunning good looks or a big bank account to get girls to chase you? Life is all about skills and there are a set of skills for the dating world as well. The moment you learn these skills you will have an unfair advantage o... Read >

Does Your Ex Still Have Feelings For You? 3 Stunning Keys You Simply Can't Afford to Miss

30th April 2010
So do you doubt that your ex might still have some feelings towards you? You see in this situation you should be absolutely sure before you make any sort of move towards your ex. There are some sure shot ways using which you can easily find out whether yo... Read >

How to Know If a Girl is Trying to Get Rid of You - You Must Know These Before It's Too Late For You

30th April 2010
Do you know that a lot of guys out there are completely clueless when it comes to the matter of reading women? They don't even know that a girl might be trying to avoid them and they feel the opposite. You see it's extremely important to read their signs ... Read >

How to 'Magnetically' Attract Women to You- Even When You Think They Are Beyond Your League

30th April 2010
Have you ever been in a situation where you liked a certain girl but did not even think about approaching her because she just seemed outside your league? What did you really fear when you were thinking about approaching her? What if you were told that no... Read >

Do You Lack Confidence Around Women? This is the Stunning

30th April 2010
So do you have a hard time approaching women and normally get nervous when you are about to talk to them? You see this is a very common thing and happens to a lot of guys out there who try to approach women. Confidence is known to be the main key when it ... Read >

How to Know If a Girl Likes You - 3 Most Crucial Clues You Must Look For Every Single Time

30th April 2010
Trying to figure out whether a girl likes you or not is not an easy task to handle. It might require a lot of thinking and reading her body language which most guys are not too good at. You see it's hard for most guys to read the woman's body language... Read >

Does She Like Me? 4 Sure Shot Indicators of Interest Which Will Tell You If She Likes You Or Not

30th April 2010
Do you know that when a woman is interested in you she will always send out some sort of a signal your way just to clue you in that she is really interested? She will directly or indirectly try to convey the message to you that she likes you and it is mor... Read >

3 Most Crucial Steps to Getting Your Ex Back - This is What You've Been Craving For This Entire Time

30th April 2010
So you have broken up with your partner and now few weeks have gone by but you still can't stop thinking about your ex. You see this is a situation where you will get strong desires to talk to your ex again and maybe you want to get back with your ex but ... Read >

Here is Why Your Ex Will Never Come Back to You - You Should Know This Before It's Too Late For You

30th April 2010
So why do you feel some people are never able to get back with their ex? You see often people blame it on their ex but most of the times it's their own fault. They do certain things which completely screws their chances of ever getting back with their ex.... Read >
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