Men Women Always Reject - Are You In The Same Category?

Published: 10th June 2010
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Rejection is a part and parcel of a person's life. Most of us have gone through rejection sooner of later in our lives. Different women have different preferences and expectations from men. Not only does it depend on the expectations and preferences but also the mood and the situation when the woman is approached. Some guys just catch them in the wrong frame of mind and end up getting rejected. But there is a category of guys women can't stand and always reject. Read on to find out what sort of men women always reject.

Outspoken- Women simply can not stand outspoken men who are very direct with their comments which normally offend them. Some men just don't know how and where to stop and act like a motor mouth. Therefore it's always to keep your talks and small and up to the point.

Too nice- Yes I know you've heard this time and again but people who are very nice to women suffer in the end. Nice guys always finish last and never get what they truly deserve from woman rather get rejected.

Lazy men- Females like men with a sense of purpose and confidence. They simple can not stand couch potatoes who sit in front of the television all day long without a sense of purpose in life and taking life as it comes.

Lack of initiative- You should be able to take the initiative as and when it's required. Females like men who lead not the one's who follow. They want their man to be able to make proper decisions and take the initiative when required.

Commitment- If a woman would consider you for a long term relationship she would judge you from all angles and commitment is one of the foundations of a strong relationship. Therefore men who are not willing to commit generally get rejected by women.

Desperation- Women are face readers and can read your face if you fall into the category of desperate men. Desperate men are always looking for someone to be with them and support them all the time. Females simply can not stand males who seem desperate therefore such people always face rejection from women.

Therefore to sum it all up different females have different set of choices but the points mentioned above are common for almost all of them. Therefore if you do fall into any of the categories enlisted above get up right now and improvise on it before it's too late.

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