How to Tell if a Guy Likes You - In Simple Steps

Published: 04th June 2010
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It can be a real puzzle trying to figure out whether a guy likes you or not. Sometimes we might think that he does like us but the fact might be the opposite. There are several signs to tell if a guy likes you or not. Read on to find out what these signs are and how you can tell whether a guy likes you or not.

Pays attention- If a guy likes you he would pay attention and each and everything you say to him may it even be the smallest of things. Men normally tend to be more attentive and alert towards the girls they like.

Is always flirty around you- When a guy likes you he would try to act flirty and would find reasons to flirt with you on a regular basis. He would be seeking for undivided attention and would enjoy your company. The best way to figure out whether he truly likes you or not is simply by watching his moves around other people. For example if you are sitting in a group than he would most probably be constantly talking to you instead of other people in the group as if you are the only person sitting there.

Asks your friends- If he likes you than he would most probably talk to your friends about you and would gather as much information as possible from your friends. Guys who are normally shy and have a hard time telling a girl they like them her to ask the girls friends about that girl.

Catch his stare- Normally when guys tend to like you they would stare at you constantly and once you look back they would look in the other direction. When a guy likes a girl he would always make it a point to stare and notice everything about her.

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