How to Memorize Everything - Be a Human Computer

Published: 09th June 2010
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Our brain is like a computer whatever you see or hear gets recorded into its hard drive. You brain is such that it even remember everything from your childhood till now. Every experience you've had, every person you've met even there names almost all books you have read till date. Now you must be thinking if this is the case than why don't I remember everything from my past? Well look at it this way what if you have files scattered all over your desk and you are looking for a specific file. You would probably have to search for it going through all other files and you may or may not find it.

Same applies to your brain and memory. Everything which is fed into your brain is scattered, it's not organized yet. Therefore when you need to memorize everything you need to learn a technique which would help you organize everything which is fed into your brain. And this is easier than you could ever imagine. Humans have been known to have a very strong photogenic memory. No matter what he hear or think we always think in the form of pictures or a mental movie. Therefore it's very easy to relate the things we want to remember to pictures of things.

Let's take for example you want to prepare for some sort of an examination and are having a hard time memorizing a list of things or answers. Now this technique is all about relating the things you remember to the things you are familiar with. So observe and look around the room you are sitting in. What things do you have around you? Is it a sofa, television, door, fan, chairs or any other sort of thing? Now close your eyes and try to have a picture of your room in your mind. See all the things such a sofa, the television and so on. Now come back to the list of things you want to memorize. For example you want to memorize the history dates. American Independence Day is on 4th of July. You can simply relate this to something in your room. For example think of a guy sitting on your sofa with American flag in his hand watching channel 4 on the TV sitting with Julie.

Now this image is very easy to remember and you can track it back to the guy holding the American flag as the Independence Day, watching channel 4 as 4th and sitting next to Julie as July. In the similar manner you can develop your own picture relations and your own stories.

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