How to Make Women Laugh - Be a Super Stud

Published: 09th June 2010
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Laughter is the best form of medicine and everyone wants to be happy no matter what. Same applies to women and the dating game. Women love being around guys who can make them laugh and have a good sense of humor. Everyone has a sense of humor but not all know how to make it work every single time with women. The more you can make a woman laugh the more attracted she would be towards you.

Pace up- The best way to make a woman laugh and keep her amused is to shift the way you communicate with them. You just need to be a bit speedy in your rate of speech. It does not mainly matter what sort of jokes you tell them rather the way you tell them is the main thing. You need to express the jokes with feeling and like you truly mean it. Have you ever tried to wonder why cartoons are funny? Well for the simple reasons that they have a very high rate of speech and are very spontaneous.

Have facial expressions- The second step along with a high rate of speech are your facial expressions. You need to express your jokes with proper expression on your face. You simply can't entertain a woman by having a blank look on your face while telling a joke. If this is the case than even a very funny joke would seem boring. There's nothing wrong with acting like a joker once in a while if it makes her laugh.

Be loud- Along with having proper facial expressions and having a high rate of speech you should be a bit loud as well. When you are loud with the right expressions and fast rate of speech it doubles the influence of the joke being told.

Be like a stand up comedian- Stand up comedians are the best people to learn from. Watch and learn their techniques and how they keep a huge audience busy with their jokes. Follow the same tricks and techniques with proper facial expressions, high rate of speech, being a bit unconventional, creative and a loud tone.

You might not be able to make the person fall in love with you on the first sight but you can definitely make the person be strongly attracted to you if you follow some simple steps. So what type of guys do women truly prefer? Find out some of the "Best kept secrets" on how to become a guy women want- How to become a true Girl Magnet


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