How To Make Women Chase You - Drive Them Crazy And Achieve Flaming Hot Results

Published: 08th June 2010
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Are looks important from a woman's perspective? Well to be honest with you men are generally very cautious regarding look and appreciate a good looking woman. Women on the other hand are quite different from men in their outlook and emotional state. The difference between men and women is that men are more into looks and visual aspect whereas women are more into emotions. Therefore if you thought you had to look like tom cruise in order to make women chase you than you are strongly mistaken. So now you might be thinking how can an average common man like me attract women? Read on to discover the answer to all your questions.

Everything is visible via your personality- Looks might not count to woman that much as much as a guy's personality does. Now personality is not only about the way you carry yourself it's also about the way you groom. You might not be good-looking but you need to look at least neat and tidy in your dressing sense and should be presentable enough.

Have a standard- You should be worth it in order to get her to chase you. Remember physical aspects might not matter to women as much as your standard as a human being does. Always keep your standards high and learn to have a healthy respect for yourself.

Talk about how many you already got- Do you know women naturally chase a guy when they discover he is already popular and is on the most wanted list of other women? Once she notices that you are well liked by other females she is more likely to be more attracted to you than usual. It's a common human age old concept or being rare. Anything which is rare and hard to get always gets them up and running.

She's not good enough- This is one the best ways you can make almost any girl chase you. You need to make it obvious to her that she is not worthy enough for a person like you. Make her feel as if she is not good enough and is out of your league. This way you would trigger her ego and her emotions would make her chase you like crazy to prove it that she is good enough. Again the trick here is common human nature. When you insult someone's ego in such a manner their most likely response would be the reaction to what you said in order to satisfy their egos.

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