How to Make Girls Chase You - You'll Have an 'Unfair Advantage' Over Every Other Guy Out There

Published: 04th May 2010
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Do you know that you don't need stunning good looks or a big bank account to get girls to chase you? Life is all about skills and there are a set of skills for the dating world as well. The moment you learn these skills you will have an unfair advantage over most other guys out there and you will be able to attract any girl you please. Read on to discover what these skills are and achieve stunning results using them.........

Show them lots of attention but make them seek it from you- This is the very first skill you must master if you truly want girls to run after you. You see the fact is that girls love attention and when you give them enough attention they will notice you. But here is the key- After you show them enough attention you must make reverse the table and make them seek it from you. For example say this to her- I find you all nice and cute but I don't think we will get along; we don't have anything much in common. You see first you are complimenting her by calling her cute and all but at the same time you are some what rejecting her by saying she wouldn't get along with you. This would instantly make her think and she would start seeking attention from you.

Compare her to her friends- Now this is one of the best possible ways to make any girl chase you provided that you do it right. One thing women can not stand is competition and once you compare her to her friends she would automatically try to seek your attention by proving her true self worth to you. For example say this to her- "Your friend seems real nice and friendly, wouldn't you like to introduce me to her? You see by saying this you are telling her as if she is not nice and friendly. This would instantly make her change her attitude and she will seek attention from you.

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