How to Make a Girl Like You Instantly - Here is the Ultimate Breakdown of the Female Psychology

Published: 29th April 2010
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It is always said that a girl can not control her feelings towards a certain guy. You see she might either like you or dislike you. She can not control the way she feels about you. You see but you can make her like you by altering your character and certain factors in your personality. This is the reason why you must understand her psychology. Read on to discover how you can make a girl like you instantly and achieve the desired results fast...

Set high standards early on- You should make the girl feel that you are an individual of a high value early on if you really want to make her like you. You see girls are naturally attracted to guys who have a leader like attitude and demonstrate a higher value.

Don't try to fit into her world rather welcome her to yours- Instead of trying to please her all the time you should try to make her please you. You see women always have a high sense of liking for the guys who aren't too easy to impress and at the same time who don't act all impressed by the girl only because she is good looking. Instead of adapting your behavior in order to fit hers try to make her change her behavior to match yours.

Ask very interesting questions and excite her- How will she ever like you if she is not even interested in talking to you? A lot of guys out there just end up raising very boring questions which normally bores the girl out. You should always ask her highly interesting questions which would raise her attention levels and would really excite her senses. You should always talk to her in the manner where she would remember what you talked about which would leave an emotional mark in her mind.

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