How to Make a Girl Chase You Like Crazy - You Are About to Enjoy a Very Unfair Advantage

Published: 29th April 2010
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The one and only way to get a girl to chase you like crazy is to demonstrate a highly dominant personality. You see when a girl comes across a male who has a leader like attitude and a dominant personality she has a very hard time saying no to such a person. There are some key elements which would help you develop this strong personality. Read on to discover what these key elements are and achieve stunning results using it...

Don't try to match her pace- This is one thing guys with a strong personality always do. You see in life you either control others or they control you. Same way in a relationship the girl would control you or you would control her. The choice is more or less yours....Whether you like to control or would like to be controlled. Therefore learn to take control early on and try to make her match your pace instead of matching hers.

Make her value your presence- Make her feel as if she should be privileged that she is getting to spend some time with a guy like you. A lot of guys out there do the opposite of this and try to make the girl feel as if she is the queen of the world only because she is good-looking. Doing this would only boost the girl's ego to massive extents. Always remember that the girl feels strong attraction towards the man who she has to please and not the one who pleases her all the time.

Give out mixed signals- Girls would go crazy after you as long as you can keep them guessing and they have to think very deeply about every single thing you say. You see she would always be highly interested in you as long as you keep her on her toes and make her work for every second she spends around you.

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