How to Know If Your Partner's Love Towards You is Genuine - 3 Sure Shot Ways to Know For Sure

Published: 05th May 2010
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Attraction is one thing and love is quite another yet a lot of people out there are not able to differentiate between the two. Most people often confuse love for infatuation. You see before you make any long term commitment it's extremely important to be sure that you love your partner and your partner loves you at the same time. The real tricky part is to figure out whether your partner completely loves you or not. Read on to discover some of the most effective ways to figure out whether partner's love towards you is genuine or not...

Does he/she ever share their feelings with you? - If your partner highly connected with you emotionally? Does he or she share his/her deepest inner feelings with you? Does he/she tell you things they would never ever share with someone else? You see this obviously means that they trust you a lot which is one of the signs that they truly love you and their love towards you is indeed genuine.

Does he/she do things just to make you happy? - Does your partner often do things just to make you happy even when they have to pay a big price themselves? You see if they feel happy when you are happy then it's more than obvious that your partner's love towards you is truly genuine.

Is he/she concerned about you? - Does he/she show high levels of concern about you? Do they really care about you and can not see you sad? You see when it's true love your partner would highly care about you and would have a hard time not to think about you when you two are away from each other. He/she would show strong levels of concern for you.

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