How to Know If Your Ex Still Has Feelings Towards You? Here is What You Have Been Waiting For!

Published: 23rd April 2010
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You might be willing to get back together with your ex but you just aren't sure whether your ex still has the same feelings towards you or not. You might be willing to do that talk all over again but how can you even start unless you know that your ex still has the same sort of feelings towards you? There are some sure shot ways using which you can easily find out whether your ex still has feelings for you or not. Read on to discover what these ways are and put an end to all your doubts.....

Does your ex call you very often? - Is your ex the one trying to be in touch with you and often ends up calling you over and over again without having anything much to talk about? You see there is absolutely no reason why your ex will call you without any reason unless they still have feelings towards you. Therefore if your ex is doing this then he/she is probably looking for ways to talk to you about the relationship once again.

Is your ex very curious to know more about your private life now? - Does it seem like your ex is always trying to ask you about your personal life and whether you have moved on yet or not? Do you often smell jealousy when you end up talking about other people in front of your ex you might be willing to date? You see if this is the case then your ex still has strong feelings towards you and probably wants to get back.

Does your ex compliment you too much now? - Does it feel like your ex has developed a new sense of desire towards you and can't seem to help but compliment you whenever he/she gets to have a word with you? At the same time does it feel like your ex is getting a bit flirty towards you? You see if this is the case then your ex still has strong feelings towards you.

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