How to Know If You Still Have Strong Feelings For Your Ex - Here is Something You Should Know

Published: 06th May 2010
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Do you still think about your ex even when it's over? Are you having a hard time trying to get him/her off your mind? You see we might feel that it's over but we aren't quite yet done with it. This is the major reason why you must be clear on whether you still have feelings for your ex or not. Read on to discover how to know if you still have feelings for your ex and achieve mind blowing results........

Do you feel very depressed because of their absence- Does this happen to you a lot? Do you end up getting highly depressed when you think about your ex and the relationship? Does it make you feel sad every time you think about the breakup and the very fact that you might not see your ex ever again? You see if this is what you are going through then you definitely have feelings towards your ex.

You try to contact them constantly- Do you try to email your ex constantly? And at the same time keep checking your inbox almost every second just to know if there is a message there or not? You see again if this is your case then you still like your ex and you probably want to get back together.

You can't focus on anything else? - Are you having a hard time getting on with your life and focusing on daily things? You see your emotions would still be highly attached to your ex when you still have feeling for him/her. You will struggle to do even the basic of things without having your mind think about your ex again and again.

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