How to Know If She Likes Me - 3 Sure Shot Ways to Find Out is She Really Likes You Or Not

Published: 11th May 2010
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Trying to figure out whether she likes you or not can be a real pain in the neck because girls normally have a habit of giving out too many mixed signals which often confuses a lot of guys out there. But do you know that there are some easy sure shot ways using which you can figure out whether she truly likes you or not? Read on to discover what these ways are and achieve mind blowing results instantly..........

She would ask too many questions too fast- This is a very strong sign that she likes you. You see normally girls aren't the one's who ask too many questions and if she is asking you way too much way too early then it's more than obvious that she likes you.

She would try to tease you around- Does she try to touch you in one way or the other? Does she joke around too much when she is in your company? Does she try to flirt or play around with you? You see normally girls don't have a habit of doing this but if she does all these things with you then she definitely likes you.

Does she give you special treatment- Try to see what she is like around her friends and then try to observe the way she acts around you. You see if a girl truly likes you she would try to give you a special treatment which would be very different from the way she treats her friends. At the same time her behavior would be different as well and she would act in a different manner around you. She would not be laid back or relaxed rather she would be somewhat uptight and nervous around you. Which is a clear sign that she likes you for sure.

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