How to Know If a Girl is Testing You- This is One Thing You Should Never Miss If You Are a Guy

Published: 05th May 2010
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Girls have a habit of testing men even when you don't realize it. You see it will never seem obvious to you that she is trying to test you but the fact is that she will form judgments based on the test and you wouldn't even realize it. This is the major reason why you must know this as it's always better to know it before it's too late. Read on to discover how to know if she is trying to test you and achieve the desired results fast........

She will ask you a lot of questions- She might try to shoot you with a lot of questions the thing is that most guys in the quest to come across as nice keep answering her questions. You see if she asks you something it's not necessary that you have to answer her directly. Always make sure that you give her indirect answers and try to somewhat confuse her.

She will challenge you- She might ask you to do things or might suggest you to do things which you shouldn't be doing. And if you do so you have failed the test. You see you should always stick to your own decisions and not follow her all the time.

She wants to know what your attitude is like- Now this is the big test most women use to find out how strong the guy is on an emotional level and how secure he is being himself. Women are attracted to guys who have a leader like attitude and do what they want to do as and when they please. Therefore try to maintain a strong level of attitude around her and don't fall into any of her traps.

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