How To Keep A Girl Interested In You Forever - 3 Earth Shattering Tricks Every Guy Must Know

Published: 14th May 2010
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Getting a girl interested in you is one of the most difficult things out there yet only a few guys know how to effectively do it. You see girls have a strong tendency to be interested and almost instantly disinterested in a guy. This is the reason why it's extremely important to know how to keep her interested in the long term. This is something extremely important for most guys as lack of knowledge can lead to devastating results. Read on to discover how to keep a girl interested in you.......

Never be too easy to get- This is one thing you must understand in order to keep a girl interested in you forever. You see often guys give in too easily due to which the girl loses the value for him. Learn to maintain your level of self respect and don't act too easy all the time. Try to be like a challenge and never give in too easily. Doing this would ensure her interest in you for a very long time.

Get angry once in a while- She would only be interested in you when she truly has to struggle in the relationship. Try to be a make her experience all emotions if possible which also involves angry. If she says she doesn't like something about you try to do more of it and annoy her a bit.

Make it clear that you are willing to walk away- Now this is something which would keep her glued to you all the time. You see a girl only works hard to keep you when you never make it obvious that you are going to stay with her therefore make it a point to let her know that you are willing to walk away. Never give out a clear message, always give her mixed signals and keep her guessing.

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