How to Impress Girls - 3 Most Important Keys You Should Not Ignore at Any Possible Cost

Published: 22nd April 2010
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Most guys feel that it takes a lot to impress girls specially if the girl they are targeting is real good looking....But what most guys don't understand is that impressing a girl doesn't really have to do much with the girl but their own personalities. It's all about getting yourself in the right frame and getting an inner emotional balance. You see these are certain things most guys aren't even aware of due to which they never end up impressing girls the way they would please to. Read on to discover some of the most stunning ways to impress girls and make them chase you like crazy.....

Be in control of the situation- Women are generally attracted towards dominant males and they always look for leadership qualities. As long as you demonstrate a strong personality where you show her that you have leadership skills and you like to take control of every situation you are in she would instantly feel attracted towards you.

Stop thinking that she is better than you- Thinking that she is some sort of a goddess will always make you screw up every possible situation around a girl. The moment a girl realizes that the guy just doesn't feel that he is up to the mark she will always lose all attraction towards him. You see the key here is to never give her so much importance that she gets on a pedestal.

Be the guy who is just not too impressed by her- Try to act as if she really hasn't impressed you much. Act interested but after a while act a bit bored being around her. You see the girl would always knock her head thinking why you aren't showing the normal reaction other guys tend to show around her. This would automatically make you a rare breed and she would try hard to get your attention.

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