How to Impress Any Woman Within Seconds - This Will Absolutely Blow Her Mind to the Extreme

Published: 22nd April 2010
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Well for some men it's very easy to start a conversation with a random girl but the main test starts when he thinks about impressing her. Do you know that women would normally not get too impressed when you are actually trying to impress them? They are very quick to pick up on your body language and would more or less know what you are trying to do. You see this is the main reason why you must learn the right ways to impress them without making it seem too obvious. There are some earth shattering ways using which you can easily impress her. Read on to discover what these are and impress her right away.....

First demonstrate that you aren't needy- As long as she knows that you aren't really as needy as other guys she would always think of you as something unique as most women tend to rate guys early on based on their behavior. Therefore make sure that you don't give her too much attention early on as that is a very strong sign of neediness.

Make her think- When you are around her try to act a bit disinterested in her and try to show her friends most of the attention. This would really start to make her think that why aren't you really impressed by her? She would start thinking that maybe you don't really like her and she would instantly start seeking your attention because now you are making her work for it.

Say you had to tell her something but don't say it- Tell her that you have something to tell her and make her wait a few seconds. Then go- Awww....Well Never mind. This would instantly get her curious where she will start thinking what was the thing you really wanted to tell her was. And at the same time till the time she gets the answer to it she would keep on thinking about you.

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