How to Flatter Any Woman With Ease - Learn Simple Yet Powerful Ways to Make Them Dance to Your Tunes

Published: 09th June 2010
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When was the last time you looked at an attractive woman and thought "oh boy she's gorgeous I wish I could date her". Well happens to most of us doesn't it? But the difference between the one's who just watch and the one's who materialize their desires is huge. Most guys feel it's always about that instant physical attraction which works on women. Well on some women is does for a while but when it comes to the long run mere physical attraction would not take you anywhere. So what does it exactly take to flatter a woman and make her dance to my tunes? Read on to discover the simple yet powerful ways you can master.

Is your ego boosted? - Believe it or not the guys who are high on ego and who practice authority are the one's who flatter women the most. It's not about looks all the time rather attitude factor. The better your attitude would be the better your chances would be with women.

Are you a disastrous flirter? - It's always a good thing to make an effort but some guys truly do not know how to flirt and often get rejected just because of their ineffective attempt to flirt. Think about it this way what would happen if you were driving a care for the first time and you try to drive on the freeway. You would most probably crash into someone. Same applies to the flirting game if you have not practiced than do not try. Until and unless you know how it's suppose to be done don't try it. The best way to learn is to try to flirt with your friends and people you know. Slowly and steadily you will become an expert doing it with proper practice.

Don't be her nightmare- A woman's greatest fear is always the first few moments you spend with her. She always has high expectations but somewhere in her mind she has a fear of standing next to a loser. Therefore that very first impression is extremely important. Once you get past the first impression and break the ice your road to scoring a date with her would be smoother.

Do you have what it takes? - Every woman would make this question obvious to you. Do you really have what it takes? Well the best way to answer this question is by another question which states- "Does she have what it takes?" Yes it's not always the man who needs to qualify. Some of the biggest players follow this trick to get any woman to dance to their tunes. Ask her does she have what it takes to date you? Make it obvious to her with your attitude and body language. Not only does it give you a stronger edge above her but you also tend to get more women following you.

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