How to Deal with Girls When They Play Mind Games? - Turn The Tables and Play Her in Her Own Game

Published: 26th May 2010
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Have you ever had of feeling of being played when around women? Have you ever had to face public embarrassment just because a certain girl would not give you the respect you deserve? You see there are several poor souls out there who become a victim of such emotional games. It can be real hard to figure girls out when they are acting this way. You see no one like to be dominated therefore the best way to play a girl is to play her in her own game. Read on to discover some of the most mind blowing ways on how you can do this and achieve earth shattering results...

Don't let her dominate the conversation- This is where it all starts. You see first she would take control of the conversation and would than start passing sarcastic comments your way. And makes you get into the defensive mode where you can't do anything but defend yourself. You she they would start making you struggle and would start playing too hard to get. The very first step to deal with this is to never let her control the conversation. Don't let her follow a certain line of thought.

Don't take it- Don't be a guy who would just sit around and get insulted or taken advantage of for no reason. If she makes a sarcastic comment learn to give it back and give it back with style. Let her know that you are not just another average guy who would sit around and take this.

Cut her in between the lines- Now this is probably the best way to annoy her when she is trying to play mind games with you. You it's always been said that being a good listener is important but not under this case. Keep cutting her off with your comments when she is getting somewhere. This way she would start trying hard and would get annoyed a lot at the same time.

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