How to Deal With Dominant Women - Take Control in the Dating Game

Published: 10th June 2010
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It can be a guy's worst nightmare having to deal with a dominant woman and feeling being controlled. Once you fall into a dominant woman's trap it's very hard to make your point count. It's more like she makes all the decisions for you and you simply have to follow. Some men are infatuated by dominate females but at the end they realize they're at the receiving point of constant insults and find it hard to say no. So the trick here is not to let a woman dominate you in the dating game, you need to make her realize who wears bigger pants and who should be in control.

Get your word out- Learn to use the word no more often, do not fall into her trap and don't let her dominate you. Once a woman gets used to a guy with low self esteem she would never ever show respect for you again no matter how tough you get afterwards. Dominate her before she dominates you.

Don't be a chicken- Learn to make decisions and learn to lead not to follow. Be strong enough to make decisions and stick to them. Be a guy with a strong back bone and do not always look for advice from other people to justify your decisions.

Don't ask for permissions- Some men are so drawn into a certain woman that they keep asking for permission for every second thing they do. Constant asking for permissions and justifications degrades your image in front of the woman and she would show less respect for you. Learn to take firm certain decisions and don't always second guess or look for other opinions; learn to drive rather than being driven all the time.

Challenge your weaknesses- You might have some weaknesses just like any other human being but learn to challenge them and don't give anyone a chance to make fun of you based on your weaknesses. Learn to appreciate and respect yourself for the way you are and learn to take pride in yourself. No one can dominate you unless you give your personal consent. Women normally dominate men who constantly talk about how weak they are and what they lack, specially the one's who ask for approvals and are always tentative about everything they do. Therefore learn to be decisive and learn to take a stand for yourself.

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