How to Deal With a Woman's Tests - This is an Absolute Must Know For Every Guy Out There

Published: 04th May 2010
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It is a very well known fact that women do test men no matter what the situation might be. You see their tests would start the very time you date her and would even go on after the relationship. Whether they do it on purpose or subconsciously the fact is that they still do it and if you fail any of these tests she might lose the attraction towards you completely. This is the main reason why you must be aware of these before it's too late. Read on to discover how to deal with these tests and come out on top...

She might constantly judge your actions- Now most guys fall for this but more or less if she is constantly trying to judge you she is trying to test you therefore if you end up justifying your actions to her and start explaining things in detail you have more or less lost the test. Giving her justifications means that she pulled you in and now you have to answer to her questions and she is like a boss you must listen to. You see instead of reacting in this manner you should either change the subject completely or discard it in a humorous way.

She might ask you to do things for her- Now this does not mean she is asking for favors but is almost commanding you to do things for her. Again if you fall into this trap then she will step on you all the time. Never give your emotional power to her otherwise she might use it to her advantage. Instead of doing everything for her right now tell her that you might do it later on. This way she get played in her own game and you have more or less put down her request.

She might act all bitchy- There will be times when she would just not be in the right mood but the fact is that she is trying to test your emotional toughness. If you lose it and react in strange manners you have lost the battle. Therefore you must keep a calm mind and do not give her the reactions she expects to get from you.

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