How to Create Chemistry With Women - Blow Them over

Published: 09th June 2010
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In order to create that romantic chemistry and instant connection with women you need to talk and think right. It's all about how you appeal to a woman's psychology which leads to getting her attention in the end. There is an invisible energy which transfers from body to body the moment you feel attracted to someone. You get this strange feeling of joy inside you along with nervousness. This is where the chemistry initiates and you feel more and more attracted to a specific person. So what are the keys to create chemistry and that instant connection with women? Read on to discover.

Let the attraction grow- It is not necessary that if you are attracted to a certain woman she might be attracted to you as well. She may or may not feel the same way as you do. Therefore it is very important to make the attraction grow from her end. The best way to do that is to give her timely constant stares. Make it a point to make your stares be nice and inviting and not rude and perverted. Let her know that you are interested in her.

No if and but- If you feel she is giving you occasional stares as well simply move up to her and start talking. Don't wait for an indication and don't make excuses. Just get up and approach her.

Interrupt the pattern- When a guy normally approaches a woman he normally starts with a hello. But you should be creative enough to generate attention and maintain it. Instead of saying hello open with some other line. For example start with saying- "Why are you staring at me?" She would most probably come back at you saying- "You are the one who is staring not me". Simply take the conversation on from there and say- "Oh you've been noticing". Nine times out of ten it gets the conversation started and chemistry starts to build due to your different approach.

Don't be sensitive- Not all women fancy sensitive guys therefore do not highlight her opinion too much. The more sensitive you are the lesser your chances are of creative that instant chemistry and connection with her. Let her know that it does not matter to you what other think or have to say about you. The more comfortable you are with your present self, the most attraction you would create.

You might not be able to make the person fall in love with you on the first sight but you can definitely make the person be strongly attracted to you if you follow some simple steps. So what type of guys do women truly prefer? Find out some of the "Best kept secrets" on how to become a guy women want- How to become a true Girl Magnet

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