How To Achieve Excellence - Realize Your True Potential

Published: 10th June 2010
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Excellence is something which is achieved when something great is done or achieved. It only falls into the lap of a few people who have managed to solve the puzzle of life and became ultimate masters. Excellence has often been the result of true human potential and what is considered as paramount when in comparison to other human beings. The marvelous magic of excellence lies in every human being believe it or not but very few follow the specified path which leads them to realize the true excellence in them.

Be as creative as a child- This is the very first lesson of excellence, you can not achieve excellence without being creative enough to come up with thoughts and let your creative self take over and be in charge of things. Children are the best example of creativity, since they know very little about the world they are not scared to try and are not afraid to be proven wrong. Our society has made us to build mental walls which block our creative thinking but the few who have managed to go beyond these walls have done a deed of greatness and achieve excellence. Therefore you should learn to be as creative as a child and let your thoughts flow freely without any limits of worrying about the outside world.

Lack of ambition- You must be ambitious enough to achieve excellence. The mere thought about achieving excellence would not do you much good till the time you have a strong ambition to achieve something great and do something which has never been done before.

Write your future- Another lesson of excellence is to write down your future. Yes it does seem silly but most people fail to realize that you are the creator of your own life. There is no luck or fortune guiding you. Everything is a result of your own actions. So it is that simple in order to achieve excellence write down what you want your life to be and what great things you need to achieve.

Limit your expectations- People who have achieved excellence never worried about what other people had to say about them. You would find critics every step of the way but the biggest secret to excellence is to persevere and be patient. Let people say what they want to say, don't get hypnotized by what they say as it would mean they won over you. Critics are silenced the moment they discover your true potential and what you have achieved in life.

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