How Not To Be Nervous Around Women- How Not To Blow It

Published: 10th June 2010
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This mainly happens to guys who are not used to being around women or approaching them that often. This can also happen to the guys who are regulars with approaching women but if they are around an exceptionally beautiful or attractive woman they might go through the same. So how to prevent myself from being nervous and blowing my chances with her? Read on to discover how.

Most guys approach women thinking that they absolutely need to make a good first impression. More often than not they end up blowing it all as the very thought of making a good impression makes them so nervous that they stumble and act completely dumb.

Never think too much as to what she might think of you when you approach her. Just keep your mind blank and let it be in the moment. Just give your best and hope for the best. Never press it too much that it totally dominates your mind and your senses and you lose control of your body.

Many guys feel ashamed of things they would do normally when women were not around. Remember one thing if a woman does not like you for the way you are than she does not deserve a person like you. Never ever change yourself or your true identity to impress someone else. You might form a temporary impression but inside you know that you cheated yourself and this is not you. Therefore let your true self out. Be who you are and respect yourself for who you are.

And the major reason why many guys get nervous is the fear of rejection. Again remember one more thing. No one on this planet is perfect therefore no one can judge you. Do not base your present personality on other people's point of view. If you end up getting rejected just simply move on. Don't waste a second more thinking about it. Remember there are plenty of fish in the pond and millions of women out there for you. Just act smart and be who are truly are.

Everyone wants to be or look smart. But how smart are you? You might think you are smart but might not be according to proper standards. Read on to discover what your level of smartness really is and where you stand-


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