How Can An Average Guy Attract Hot Women? Hidden Secrets Finally Revealed

Published: 02nd June 2010
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Well there has been an old myth in our society that hot women only like going out with hot guys. The fact is completely the opposite. Looks have a very little or no role to play when it comes to scoring with women and getting dates. Most guys think that they might be rejected just based on the way they look therefore they don't even bother trying. There are ways which can be easily mastered with which you can attract any woman you please at will. Read on to discover what these ways are and how you can attract hot women right away.

Fake it- Yes that's all you need to do. Forget that there's even a mirror which exists and for once forget what you look like. Now if you were asked that looks are not a matter of concern how would you feel? How would you behave? How would you act? Would you start approaching women you never used to? Let me make a wild guess and say yes you would. See it's all in our mind. What we look on the outside does not have much to do with the way we feel inside. And inside is what matters the most. Think of it this way, if you still feel confident besides average looks and personality and approach any woman with total confidence there is a very slim chance that you would ever have to face rejection.

Walk and talk like you deserve it- Another reason why most average guys cant make it with attractive women is due to the fact that they tend to think that they aren't good enough and they don't deserve to be around a hot woman. These are thinking patterns developed by us within our own minds. Some guys feel that being around a hot woman would make people in the society look at him with odd eyes thinking how did that money get her? Well if you start listening to people you would probably start living your life according to people as well. Learn to feel and act as if you deserve every bit of it. There is nothing missing in your personality and you know it that you deserve it. Just change your thinking pattern and everything around you would change.

What you don't know yet- Do you know the true secrets you must know in order to succeed with women? Do you know that there is a secret women don't want men to know? This would make women run after you like crazy and beg you for dates even if you are fat, bald or ugly. It Will Turn You Into The Guy That Women Go Crazy Over And Want To Date And Sleep With! It's an absolute must know for you in order to succeed with women. Read on to discover- The Most Shocking Secrets Finally Revealed


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