Flirting Signs Used By Women - Do You Know How To Read Them?

Published: 02nd June 2010
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It can be a difficult task when trying to figure out whether a woman is trying to flirt with you or not. Some women tend to send mixed signals which are extremely hard to pick up for most guys which leaves them in the middle of a big unsolved puzzle. Therefore in order to figure out what women are truly trying to do it's always better to study these signs and read them appropriately. Read on to discover some of the most frequent flirting signs used by women and learn how to read them.

She keeps staring- Now if this is the case than either she wants something from you or maybe she thinks you are totally hot and is willing to get your attention by flirting. Make sure you don't look her way much as this would make her feel that you already like her. Ignore her for a while and let her do some hard work in order to get your attention.

Constant stares from a group of girls- Another sign most women use is they tend to make you the topic of the conversation among the group of girls they are among and almost every girl in the group would be laughing and would be staring at you. This is more than obvious that they are talking about you and you are being watched.

She gets alert- Another sign most women use is that they would instantly get alert when you are around. They would try to look and be their best self and would copy your body movements just to match your actions. This is normally done to get your attention as like tends to attract like when it comes to the dating game.

She keeps licking her lips- This is a perfect sign that she is trying to flirt with you. Whenever a girl tends to like you she would always lick her lips or maybe slightly bite her lips with her teeth just to make you feel as if she wants you to check her out. This is their own way of making you feel that she is trying to flirt around with you and is looking for your attention.

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