Does She Consider You Just a Friend? Learn How You Can be More Than Just a Friend to Females

Published: 04th June 2010
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Are you one of those guys whom females consider just a friend and nothing more than that? You are able to drive her interest but it's not the kind you are looking for. This is the normal case in most men who start with a friendly approach but are not able to achieve anything else out of it. Females demand a lot from a guy than just a good friend. Read on to discover some of the most effective tips which would help you become something more than just a friend to females.

Stop providing a shoulder- One of the main reasons why most guys are only considered friends by most women is simply due to the reason that such guys provide them with a shoulder to cry on. Women normally tend to look for a dominant male for a relationship and a nice guy for a shoulder to cry on.

Stop listening to their problems- Once you start listening to their problems you would yourself become a problem for them. They would consider you to be a good problem solver and someone who would be there for them when they are sad. You don't want to be the guy who is just around for bad times while they go out on the hunt for a real man.

Don't let them use you- Once you get the nice guy image it's simply very hard to get out of it yet its not impossible. Once a female considers you as a friend she would most probably try to use you in all possible forms. Learn to say no and tell her that you don't like to be used. Yes you have to say it to her in physical words. Unless you would not say it she would never realize it that you are not ok with being just another guy or just a friend.

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