Are Nice Guys Really Disliked By Women? Discover Shocking Myths And Facts

Published: 02nd June 2010
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Millions of nice guys across this planet have not been able to get the answer to this question yet. They all want to know do women really dislike nice men? Is it their niceness which becomes an obstacle to getting a date with a female? Is there a problem being a nice guy in the present day and age? Why is it that being this makes things so much more difficult? But the main question is do women really dislike nice guys? Read on to discover the shocking truth yourself.

Nice guys lack the main ingredient- Women demand several qualities in a man one of which is suppose to be leadership. Yes women are attracted towards guys who know how to make decisions and stay focused. They normally tend to ask the woman to make the decisions and whatever the decision might be they just never refuse to it. They tend to put the women in the leader spot and this is where they lose the game.

Women want a mix- It is not that women do not like nice men rather they are desperately looking for nice men but with a mix. They want a good mixture of a nice caring human being with a dominant personality with a sense of purpose in life. Women absolutely can't stand bad guys who end up using and abusing them. Therefore being nice is a good thing but as long as you know your limits.

Learn to say no- Most nice guys find it extremely hard to ever say no to a woman. Under these circumstances the woman starts getting the impression that this guy would never say no therefore I can get him to do anything and everything for me and this is where nice men completely lose out on the battle. Therefore be nice but learn how to say no and how to make some decisions on your own.

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