3 Things You Can Say to a Woman Which Would Drive Her Wild - This is an Absolute Must Know For You

Published: 23rd April 2010
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Do you know that you can turn any women on just by using a set of simple words? Most men don't understand this but words can mean a lot to women. Words alone then get them into the right mood for sex and can turn them on to the extent where they would do anything to jump into bed with you. This is the major reason why you must know what to say with perfect timing. Read on to discover the things you can say to a woman right now which would drive her wild with pleasure.....

"You smell so good" - Right after saying this you must start smelling her neck area and slowly move down. You see this sentence is known to be a big turn on according to most women and they go absolutely nuts when the guy says it at the right time with feelings.

"Your lips are so sweet" - You must say this right when you are kissing her and gently kiss her then say this and keep on doing it till the time she starts getting very warm and more or less hugs you a bit tighter. You see this is a clear sign that she is getting highly turned on and would not mind if you were to take it to the next level.

"You make me feel so good" - Saying this would not only make her feel extremely good about herself but from now on she would do everything you need her to do in bed since now you have given her a reputation she would have to fulfill. You see it's all about how much you appreciate her in bed and often simple words can mean a lot to women especially in bed. Therefore when you use such phrases more and more it will always work in your favor in the long term.

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