3 Things A Woman Can't Resist In A Relationship - This Is Something Every Man Must Know & Do

Published: 14th May 2010
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So what's keeps a woman interested in a relationship? What truly makes her tick? You see there are several things men do which turn women off due to which several relationships end up in a divorce but there are things you can do right now which would ensure a healthy relationship in the long term and your partner would never even think about leaving you. Read on to discover the things women can't resist in a relationship......

Express your love everyday- Saying I love you one day and being dry the other does not work in a relationship. You see when you are in a relationship constant effort is required to really keep it fresh and alive. Therefore make it a point to let your partner know how much you love her everyday. You don't really have to say it but you can express with your body language and physical gestures.

Tell her how great your life has become after she came into it- One thing every woman wants to hear from her man is what difference she has made in his life at the same time she needs to feel loved and wanted. Therefore when you tell her what she truly means to you and how good your life has become because of her the relationship would remain healthy and would grow with time.

Let the element of surprise be there- Another thing you must ensure is the element of surprise in the relationship. Often men don't bother to surprise their spouse after a while and the relationship becomes extremely predictable. This is the reason why you must surprise her once in a while as that would keep it more exciting and the passion would always remain there.

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