3 Silent Techniques That 'magnetically' Get a Girl to Like You - This One Might Totally Shock You

Published: 06th May 2010
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Do you know that there are some psychological tactics using which you can easily make a girl like you even if you are not too good looking, rich or possess any special qualities? Women have a few emotional buttons which when mastered by you will make her run after you like anything. Read on to discover how you can do that and achieve mind blowing results within no time.......

Get extremely comfortable in your own body- It is a common thing for most women where they feel extremely uncomfortable around a guy who is insecure and low on confidence. You see it's all about how you portray your character in front of her therefore if you come across as insecure she would be willing to spend lesser time with you. At the same time if you are comfortable in your own skin she would be sub-consciously attracted to you.

Don't show too much interest- Showing too much interest would simply mean that you are completely into her which gives her a strong feeling that you feel that she is some kind of a princess. You see this is more or less putting her on a pedestal and giving her the stronger emotional edge over you. Never make it obvious to her that you are interested in her.

Show a high social value- Now this means that she should know that other women want you as well. You see women sub-consciously give more marks to a guy who is wanted by other women as well simply due to the fact that being liked by other girl's means there is something special in you and that's the reason why you have so much attention from women. Therefore the level of curiosity would raise and you will get a lot of girls to instantly like you.

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