3 Dirty Mind Games Which Will Make Your Ex Crawl Back to You - You Don't Want to Miss This

Published: 22nd April 2010
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Getting your ex back can be a big challenge specially if your ex was the one who tried to get rid of you. Rejection can be one of the worst possible feelings one can go through and people even get into depression once rejected. But the fact you need to realize is that it's not the end of the world and there are some proven ways using which you can easily get your ex back. Read on to discover what these ways are and get your ex back faster than you thought possible.....

Date people your ex knows- This might be a dirty trick but it would burn your ex with tremendous amounts of jealousy and he/she might find it extremely hard to deal with. Make sure you date someone your ex knows for example- a friend, colleague or even your ex's enemies. You see once your ex knows that someone else has you he/she would find it extremely hard to deal with the situation and would more or less get obsessed thinking about it all.

Make it sound as if the breakup was a good thing- Most people tend to get depressed and demonstrate all sorts of bad emotions when going through a breakup but if you show your ex that it's actually a good thing since now you can do everything you always wanted to do it would burn him/her. Let your ex know that the relationship was bondage in a way and now you are more free than ever and having a total blast. This way you are more or less rejecting them back.

Show your ex that you don't really care anymore- As long as your ex knows that you are desperate to get back they would always play too hard to get but the moment your ex realizes that you have stopped caring about the past and have already moved on your ex would try to seek your attention now since it's not easy to get it from you anymore.

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